The Feral Factory Goes Online

The smokestacks are puffing—is this the Rocky Mountain High? No! This is the Feral Factory.

Launched in the final weeks of the grim year known as 2016, the Feral Factory is an arts organization which performs the following voodoo: We bring the visual arts, performance, events, and business together into a magic potion, a blend which strengthens our communities and celebrates the best of all of us.

Our model is to bring artistic life to community venues, galleries, empty warehouses, forgotten corners, eateries, and offices. We program spaces and invigorate them with creative life. Our events include art openings, music, stage performances, improv, dance, and immersion.

In 2017, we’re partnering with the River North Art District in Denver to launch a number of events. First, we’re joining with KEPHART  and the Crash Mile High space on Walnut St. From March through the end of June, we’ll be hosting an art exhibit featuring more than ninety artists, some local, some from across the nation, and some international.

Throughout the months of the exhibition, we’ll be hosting workshops, salons, talks, performances, and other events small and large. We’d love for you to join us.

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