First Friday, Mar. 3rd, 2017

Join us on our first First Friday in our Residency at The Crash at KEPHART. World-class photography from Armando Martinez and Shana Cordon and scintillating conversation. Join us from 8pm–8:20pm for “DENVER, LET’S TALK ART,” with comedian and storyteller Andrew Curtis Forlines. The featured artists will be interviewed, along with a host of characters played by some of Denver’s finest actor and improvisors. We open the gallery at 6pm!

The Crash
2555 Walnut St.
Denver, CO 80205
To Be Announced!
March 3rd 24th, 7pm to 10pm
Entry Fee
Free to the Public!

Exploring the Collage City

Photographer: Armando Martinez

From Collage City:

An icon of the good society, the terrestrial shadow of an idea, the classical utopia was, necessarily, addressed to a conspicuously small audience; and its architectural corollary, the ideal city—no less an emblem of universal and final good—is to be imagined as an instrument of education addressed to an equally limited clientèle. As with the advice of Machiavelli, the ideal city of the Renaissance was primarily a vehicle for the provision of information to the prince; and, as extension of this, it was also an agent for the maintenance and decorous representation of the state….

Private glimpses of final goodness could only encourage the public appetite; and, as the stock of the prince and what he represented began to fall, so his strange models… became scheduled for massive revision. For now, as the populace increasingly entered the picture, not only the idea but also the empirical condition of society became of significance.

Colin Rowe and Fred Koetter, 1978.

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