EXHIBITION: Art of Resistance, Art of Resilience, Apr. 29th to May 25th

Feral Factory’s four-month Residency at the Crash continues with an exhibition on the themes of resistance and resilience. Artist Nicholas Emery anchors a multi-artist collection of works on the themes of resistance and resilience. In this exhibition we explore the tenacity of cities and their citizens against social, political, and environmental trials.

The Crash
2555 Walnut St.
Denver, CO 80205
Featured Artist
Nicholas Emery
Apr 29th
May 17th

Art of Resistance, Art of Resilience

An Exhibition of Visual Arts

Globeville #6 by Nicholas Emery

Nicholas Emery, whose work anchors this multi-artist show, is an American painter born in the West Indies. He grew up living and journeying to many parts of the globe, eventually settling in 2005 in the city of Port of Spain, Trinidad, where he resided and worked as a painter for ten years. In 2016, he returned to Colorado, where he now has a painting studio in the industrial Globeville district of north Denver. His work beautiful expresses the boundaries and resistances endemic to the urban landscape, and it hints at the resilience of the people who call the city home.

For ideas of resilience, this exhibition draws its questions from the practical research and observation of Australian researchers Brian Walker and David Salt, as well as last year’s Cities That Think Like Planets by Marina Alberti; for resistance, from the writings of Gandhi, Malcolm X, Thoreau, and Naomi Wolf. This exhibition on resistance and resilience sets the tone for our fourth exhibition at the Crash: through art, we examine the city’s past and future.

We hope you’ll be able to join us throughout our Residency at the Crash, and for all of our events. Feral Factory looks forward to seeing you!