EXHIBITION: Theater of Memory, Theater of Prophecy, May 27th to June 28th

Feral Factory’s four-month Residency at the Crash wraps up with a one-month exhibition on the history and future of the city, as seen through the lens of art. Join us, along with featured artist Stephanie Hartshorn, who anchors this multi-artist show on the city: a theater of memory and prophecy.

The Crash
2555 Walnut St.
Denver, CO 80205
Featured Artist
Stephanie Hartshorn
May 27th
June 13th

Theater of Memory, Theater of Prophecy

An Exhibition of Visual Arts

swizzle #7: la fiesta by Stephanie Hartshorn

In its theoretical questions, this exhibition returns to the beginning of this four-month Residency with The Crash Mile High. In Collage City, Colin Rowe and Fred Koetter described the city as both a theater of memory and a theater of prophecy, a stage on which we are all actors, reacting to the complexities of our past and looking forward to an even better city which we might build in the future.

In addition to Collage City, throughout this exhibition we have also drawn conceptual ideas from the works of Jane Jacobs, Lewis Mumford, and Richard Rogers. The future might be a grim one, or it might be beautiful, but the fate of cities must be the fate of all of us. What better way to envision a future together than through artistic expression?

Our featured artist from the RiNo Arts District is Stephanie Hartshorn. Influenced by her previous career in architecture, structural themes often arise in her work. The details of design emerge from her paintings, the rhythms and complex beauty in the lines and curves of our manmade world. Her work speaks of our cities’ past, as well as their foundational relationship with the rural landscapes which surround them; it also hints at what such places might become, thus anchoring this multi-artist show about the history and future of cities.

This group show is comprised of work from these  talented international artists:  Bridget Gallery, Derek Gann, Leah Gose, Peter Groynom,  Phillip Kiphardt, Michele Landel, Michele Messenger,  Soohyung Park,  Jaime Skolfield, Bob SoleteDavid Spagnolo, Qin Zhang, 

We hope you’ll be able to join us for our final show at the Crash. Be on the look out for an announcement about our next home and residency in early 2018.  A Feral Factory must roam!