Art Salon, Tue. 13th June, 7pm: Theater of Memory, Theater of Prophecy

Join Feral Factory for an evening of discussion about art, as well visions for the past and future of the city—the theater of memory, and the theater of prophecy. Our salons are an opportunity to enjoy artwork in an intimate setting, along with talks and discussion. They’re learning opportunities, but also a place for the artists, attendees, and community organizers to share their ideas, thoughts, and experiences related to the exhibition. It’s an opportunity to have a conversation about art and its importance in the world today. 

Imminent City by Stephanie Hartshorn

This month, featured artist Stephanie Hartshorn anchors a group exhibition which celebrates the collective visions which we have about our cities’ rich histories, as well as the visions and dreams we may have for their future, both practical and fanciful. View their work and hear the artists speak about their work. 

Denver’s own Kaladi Coffee will supply the fuel for our conversations. Nibbles and conversation provided by us!

The Crash
2557 Walnut St.
Denver, CO 80205

Moderated by
John Barbour, Co-Founder of Feral Factory.
Wednesday, May 17th, 7pm to 9pm
Entry Fee
$5 at the door.

Please note: Because this is a forum for people to discuss ideas, hear new perspectives, and potentially change their minds, video recording and streaming are not permitted during the salons. Though photography and social media is always welcome! Please tag #FeralFactory.