About Our Art Exhibitions

Urban Collage and the Collage City

Feral Factory Ltd. is now OPEN for entries Artists, please apply!

Our art exhibitions are the heart of Feral Factory. Exhibitions happen in empty warehouses or galleries, restaurants or community centers, public spaces or private venues. In each case, we bring viewers and buyers to the art. A Feral Factory exhibition is part of a Residency, which means the duration of the exhibition is much more than a simple hanging of art; a Residency includes our Art Pairings, salons, workshops, talks, gallery hours, and more. We partner with the art community and with buyers to celebrate the artworks, further public conversation, and promote sales for the artists.

2017’s first Residency is in Denver, Colorado. Hosted generously by the Crash Mile High, this exhibition reflects an alliance with the River North Art District, and we a partnership with NINE dot ARTS as our art consultant.

The show launches on February 25th, for the Month of Photography, with selections from Armando Martinez and Shana Cordon. Works by Martinez and Cordon will reflect on the depths of human experience in the modern city, setting the tone for a four-month artistic dialogue on urbanism.

Then, in April, the show will rotate, with each month’s artwork furthering the conversation about cities, their meanings to citizens, and their role in the twenty-first century world. In three rotations, the exhibition will show more than 100 pieces, representing dozens of visual artists. Our exhibitions celebrate local and featured artists, balanced by a magic mixture of regional, national, and international artists.