A Quick Introduction

Being the bleeding hearts we are, we even hired the trash pandas.

Feral Factory Ltd. owes its existence to its founders, partners, sponsors, volunteers, assistants, performers, artists, and patrons. All of them, each and every one, are committed to the arts and to their communities. We thank them.


Shana Cordon.

Shana Cordon, MFA

Shana first trained at the Arts Magnet school in Oakland, California, where she showed an aptitude for magic markers and dramatic expression. She continued to explore the intersection of image, story, and words well into university, earning a BA in Visual Art and an MFA in Theatre. Now a master dilettante, Shana brings multidisciplinary skills and passion to her projects with Feral Factory. She is inspired by salty ocean air, public art and graffiti, performance and improvisation, creative collaborations, adorable beasts, excellent cheeses, and international cities.

John Barbour.

John Barbour, MArch MURP

John is a recovering an architect, an urban enthusiast, a treehugger, a sometimes-musician, a science-fiction writer, a teacher, and a virtuosic dabbler. As a designer and educator, he has worked on three continents, through as many decades, with thousands of students in design, history, and theory. For Feral Factory, John co-curates exhibitions, moderates the salons, and keeps one paw on our workshops and educational activities. When not in Denver, he’s hanging with sasquatch in the Pacific Northwest, living la dolce vita in Roma, or hallucinating wildly and pouring the experience into words on paper. (That’s what writing fiction does to you.) To bribe him, arrive with a bottle of Great Divide’s Yeti or a nice Montepulciano.

Four-Footed Consultant


Shebooie may be a cat, or he may be an alien creature from another world. We’ve never been entirely certain. Either way, he’s our feral representative. This idiosyncratic beast won’t file paperwork, can’t run errands, never answers the phone, and has no opposable thumbs. He doesn’t really help with anything, and yet at the same time he helps with everything. Shebooie has yet to return to the Mother Ship, and that’s just fine with us.