Denver’s Month of Photography

Photography by Nicole Campanello.
Feral Factory Ltd. is proud to be participating in Denver’s Month of Photography! While we want you to come see our own exhibition of works by Armando Martinez and Shana Cordon, we hope you’ll visit as many of MoP’s venues and events as you can during this 2017 biannual.

Learn about Denver’s Month of Photography, mark your favorites on the calendar, and get out there! We hope to see you there.

Martha Rosler: Art, Creativity, Urbanism

Martha Rosler: Culture Class.

In reading up for Feral Factory Ltd.’s upcoming Residency and exhibition on urbanism and art, I encountered this series by Martha Rosler’s writings on “Culture Class”. I admit, they were new to me, but the ideas expounded in her three-part piece in e-flux are succinct and insightful, and they articulate ideas both old and fresh. I’m surprised I hadn’t already encountered them. Written between 2010 and 2011, they explore the role art plays in the socioeconomic system of today’s world.

These ideas are even more relevant today, in 2017. Take a look:

1940: Peggy Guggenheim Against the Nazis.

Peggy Guggenheim, 1937.
I’ve been fascinated with Peggy Guggenheim, as of late. While her collection at the Guggenheim, in Venice, is remarkable, the collection is only as impressive as the woman herself. Mindful of the times in which we find ourselves, it’s worth remembering that Peggy risked much to protect her art from the Nazis—much of which would have been destroyed by the Third Reich as subversive.

I recently rediscovered the Smithsonian’s clip on this very story. Take a look.

Peggy Guggenheim at home in Venice.