According to some, the bird’s name is LoDo.

The River North Art District of Denver, Colorado recently celebrated its tenth anniversary. In those first ten years, RiNo created both a Business Improvement District (BID) and General Improvement District (GID) to support its neighborhood. Now, RiNo is ready for a new decade, driven by the creativity and tenacity that is its hallmark.

With more than 30 district stakeholders sitting on RiNo’s boards, five staff leading strategic projects, and a budget of $1 million+ to invest, RiNo is moving forward on critical initiatives that will shape the art district and its neighborhood for years to come. Through creativity, collaboration, partnerships, and pushing the envelope, the RiNo Art District is setting a new standard for how creative neighborhoods evolve.

Contemporary Art Center

Artist and philanthropist Laura Merage founded RedLine in 2008. RedLine supports artists and builds community in northeast Denver. The organization has grown over the last half decade, integrating youth education and community outreach with the artist residency and exhibitions. In a single year, RedLine welcomes more than 30,000 visitors and engages more than 2,500 program participants, working toward its vision: to empower everyone to create positive change through art.

RedLine supports a thriving group of resident artists and provides programming that responds to the needs of the communities in the surrounding neighborhoods. Viewing art and arts education through a lens of social issues, the organization ensures equitable access to the arts for under-resourced populations.

Art consultants

NINE dot ARTS believes not only in the power of art to change the world for the better but also in doing things the right way. NINE dot ARTS leverages its own technology, dotfolio, with its international and expert command of the art market. With access to the burgeoning market of corporate art collecting, NINE dot ARTS occupies the sweet spot between business and arts: knowing how to work with businesses on their terms, while valuing art at the depths of their core.

NINE dot ARTS buys art from across the globe for projects nationwide, and they’re always on the lookout for new artists.

Denver’s Month of Photography

The Month of Photography Denver (MoP) is a biennial celebration of fine-art photography, with hundreds of collaborative public events throughout Denver and the region. MoP joins many museums, galleries, and schools of fine-art photography in creating one of the most exciting and important artistic and educational events in Colorado.